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Wedding Officiant Kirsty Stevenson: On a personal note…

Prior to becoming a wedding officiant I owned a number of small business. Drawing on my extensive entrepreneurial endevours I wrote and self-published The 3 Step Marketing Plan.

My distinctive energetic, friendly, and entertaining style of speaking to crowds was honed from decades giving seminars, workshops, and lectures – I can say I never lost a crowd in all my years of public speaking.

After a successful entrepreneurial career,  it was time to turn my vocation, helping others, into an occupation. I received training on creating amazing Love Story weddings through the Unboring Wedding Academy and am now a licensed wedding officiant.

Canadian wedding officiant

During my first years officiating I sometimes felt officiants lacked a degree of recognition and appreciation by the public and within the wedding vendor community, despite our indispensable role in legalizing marriages.


Recognizing the need to elevate wedding officiants, I decided to act.

Drawing upon my extensive entrepreneurial background and experience in leadership and not for profit roles, in March 2024 I launched Canadian Wedding Officiants (CWO) to serve as a voice for officiants and offer valuable resources and support:

  • to assist existing wedding officiants
  • to raise the profile of the officiant industry with the public and other wedding vendors
  • to provide a central location for couples to find an officiant for their wedding ceremony
  • to help new officiants navigate the pathway to becoming licensed.

CWO aims to reflect the evolving landscape of the wedding officiant industry, embracing its diverse cultural and religious tapestry. My hope is that it will be an enduring legacy for Canadian officiants and the couples whom we have the privilege and the honour to serve.


I am passionate about helping others: I mentor local small businesses, volunteer at Craigleith Ski Club, manage the worldwide transcription team and facilitate a book study group for one of my Buddhist teachers, Alan Wallace.


I found Buddhism in the late 1990s and have never looked back – I meditate daily, attend retreats, and engage in ongoing studies with my teachers.

I live by the words of His Holiness Dalai Lama: My religion is very simple, my religion is kindness.


I stay active skiing, dancing with the 5 Rhythms movement community, and enjoying the most beautiful body of water in the world, Georgian Bay.

Kirsty Stevenson
Georgian Bay